We have all found ourselves in the situation of having a sofa that doesn’t fully satisfy us, but we don’t want to get rid of it because it’s very comfortable or represents a significant investment.

Whether it’s because it no longer matches the latest decorating trends or it has worn out with use, know that you can give your leather sofa a new lease of life.

Learn what type of service to choose for sofa repair!

First, you should assess the current condition of your sofa to decide on the type of treatment/service you will request.

If it’s an old leather sofa, one that you may have ‘inherited’ from a family member or another property, it’s important to determine if the leather is still intact. If it has tears and deep marks from use, you should request a restoration service. This way, you can restore the sofa while preserving all its original characteristics or even give it a more modern touch with a new color.

Another very common situation is observing a change in the original color, even if it’s a recent sofa. In this case, a restoration service will also be necessary.

Finally, if you only notice dirty leather with stains or even mold, opting for a leather upholstery cleaning service will suffice.

Restoration of leather sofas

A leather sofa typically has a long lifespan. However, small household accidents or even intensive daily use can result in scratches and cuts on the leather. Additionally, the temperature and sunlight exposure inside your home have noticeable effects on the leather’s color.

If you add to these variables incorrect cleaning and maintenance over the years, you might be considering replacing your sofa!

Nevertheless, be aware that there is a substantially more cost-effective option that allows you to breathe new life into your sofa: the restoration of the original leather.

Through advanced techniques and specific products, it is possible to carry out any type of leather and vinyl repair in a lasting and imperceptible manner (without altering the original characteristics).

Advantages of Biomex® Sofa Repair

  • Upholstery like new, preserving the original leather;
  • Partial or complete repair, according to your needs;
  • Option for service execution at your home or pickup for Biomex® facilities, depending on the sofa’s condition;
  • Option to change the color;
  • Sustainability: An environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to replacing this furniture piece.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

As previously mentioned, if leather upholstery and sofas are not properly cared for, they will deteriorate. In other words, maintaining your sofa should be a routine, like any other household chore.

However, if this maintenance has been neglected, you should seek a comprehensive professional cleaning and conditioning service. Biomex® uses specific products (non-abrasive/non-toxic), as well as a hydration and deodorization technique for the leather to ensure its durability and resilience.

Advantages of Biomex® Sofa Cleaning:

  • Use of safe and biodegradable products.
  • Significant improvement in the appearance of leather upholstery and sofas.
  • Extended lifespan at reduced costs.
  • On-site service for your convenience.

If you have a sofa in need of a fresh start, whether through restoration or leather cleaning, schedule your service now! At Biomex®, we have a specialized team for cleaning, repairing, and painting leather upholstery.